Agri-Vie Fund I
Africa Food & Agribusiness

Agri-Vie Fund I (USD 100m, fully invested) is focused on
mid-market growth investments in the food & agribusiness sector of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Agri-Vie Fund II
Africa Food & Agribusiness

Agri-Vie Fund II announced its final close at USD 146 m. Fund II builds on the momentum of Fund I and follows a similar investment programme in geographies and sectors.

About Agri-Vie

Agri-Vie is a private equity investment fund focused on food and agribusiness in Sub-Sahara Africa, a foundational sector of the continent’s economies. Agri- Vie harnesses private equity investment disciplines to generate above-average investment returns, while also addressing development impact challenges.

Since inception in 2008, Agri-Vie has invested USD 150m in the food and agribusiness sector with a total of  USD 250m under management. Recognising value, or the potential for value, is our business. This ability, combined with the right mix of capital, time and business building expertise, enables the fund to unlock value for investors, while positively impacting on communities and their environment.