The EXEO Capital approach to ESG, Sustainability & Impact

EXEO Capital’s approach to ESG, Sustainability and Impact is about both ethos and compliance.

Along with the global community of responsible investors, EXEO Capital upholds internationally recognised codes and standards of responsible investment with regards to the environmental, social and governance impacts of our work and the companies with whom we invest. Our ESG commitment is rooted in a sustainability philosophy – good corporate stewardship is good for people and planet and ultimately for business too.

We deploy capital and know-how to help build successful, responsible businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe strongly in the intrinsically positive impact of this work when it converts into sustainable jobs, the development of people participating in these businesses, consumer choice and wealth creation for individuals as well as their communities.


Responsible investment and positive impact does not come about through a philosophical commitment alone. Our ways of working in this field includes:

  • Incorporating relevant ESG and Sustainability criteria in our selection, screening and appraisal of investment opportunities;
  • Building ESG and sustainability into the continuous value creation action plans for each investment;
  • Working with our partner companies on special initiatives to push the impact envelope in selected areas such as water and energy conservation as well as specialised staff training;
  • Committing both our investment management operation as well as our partner companies to periodic external review of ESG compliance and Impact;
  • Maintaining a dedicated sustainability function in our management structure to coordinate and oversee work streams with the investment manager and partner companies.